10 Countries that have the largest number of scammers

Scamming has over the years become a global concern. A trillion dollar industry is e-commerce, which is one of the tools used in scamming, and this is because so much money is changing hands over the internet. Here are the top 10 countries where there is a high chance of getting scammed.

1. Romania

Romania slumped to poverty and corruption after the collapse of communism. Over the years, Romania has developed a reputation for popular internet scams. Via online dating, phishing and even the selling of non-existence goods, Scammers have been able to dupe innocent people. Some tried-and-tried techniques are used by Romanian internet scam artists to con you, it’s not always A-list, but it always works.

2. Philippines

In addition to the popular romance scams that the Philippines have taken it a level higher, one of the schemes used is called the familiar face where someone approaches you and says that you look familiar and tries to show you where you are robbed later.

Another way they cheat you is by horse trading. You negotiate with the driver a price and they adjust shift during the journey, where the entrant comes and takes the price nearly 10 times the original price.

3. South Africa

During 2015, South Africans were the most affected by banking-related fraud in a study obtained by the UJ Centre for Cyber Security. This included phishing, visiting spoofed banking websites or receiving notices of bank withdrawals or deposits from false messages, although most of these cases were registered in Gauteng Province. You would also like to see the top ten nations with the most crimes.

4. Venezuela

There have been major cases of scamming ranging from online dating to bogus government bonds after the economy fell into recession. The street value of greenbacks has now risen to 7 times the government’s VEF6.3 to the dollar rate. In 2016 alone, consumer prices rose to 800 per cent and 18.6 per cent of the economy contracted. This led to significant unemployment, and there were vacant shelves in local stores as well. These variables, combined with others, contributed to large networks of scamming.

5. Indonesia

Indonesian scammers are tech savvy when, without understanding, they can conceal people. Since 2000, cases of fraud have increased; bank clients have been victimized by syndicates using data-capture devices illegally mounted in bank machines.

6. Pakistan

Military scams have become so widespread that many organisations that combat crime send a warning. Scammers use high-ranking officials to pose as military personnel on online dating sites and social networks to participate in relationships whose sole aim is to use photos of people that they will later use to trick other people. They are not easy to identify.

Scammers are posing as soldiers at the moment, currently deployed in Pakistan, and they’re going to find a way to get you to give them money. Criminals even plant a virus on your computer, stealing everything on your computer and blackmailing you to give them money in the process. Also, Pakistan has the most corrupt police force in the country.

7. Brazil

The center of scammers is Brazil. How Brazil tricks individuals by posing as attractive ladies is being debated. In the 2016 Olympics, pick-pocketing that was more obvious gave a bad picture. There are also instances of express abductions that occur around foreign currency exchange banks.

8. China

In this, the Chinese are really good; they have integrated technology to cheat unsuspecting masses. College Entrance Scam is one way they scam parents by telling them that with bad outcomes, the child will get to college. Scam is another strategy in which they text the wives of husbands with a link to see pictures of herself (mistress) with her husband, to which wives join the link quickly and her phone gets infected with a Trojan virus and they recover passwords and pictures they use to blackmail the family. Scalpers Hospital in Beijing is a decade-old common issue in which individuals raise money by attracting individuals to a certain hospital to get medical treatment.

9. India

Visiting India is unlikely and failing to experience at least one scam or someone trying to scam you is impossible. One scam taxi drivers use to mug you off is claiming not to know the way to your hotel. They’re going to try to take you to another hotel where it’s going to be costly. Importing Duty Free Gemstones is another scam, especially in the area of Jaipur. The fraud includes the approach of visitors by a gem dealer, who persuades them to purchase some worthless gemstones. Under their duty-free allowance, you will be asked to import them, then sell them on to one of their imaginary willing partners in their home country, which will be much more money than they originally paid. You would also like to see Ind’s Curious Scandals

10. Nigeria

To dupe unsuspecting individuals, Nigeria uses one play book. I think everybody has seen this somewhere, whether in email or Facebook messages, where they are likely to tell you an elaborate false story about large sums of money in the central bank or a large sum of inheritance that is difficult for them to access because of their government constraints or taxes in their country and in the process they ask for your bank details to move the money.