How smartphones based on AI will change the home of the future

In today’s day and age, a smartphone’s versatility goes beyond contact. You can immerse yourself in endless hours of entertainment, access learning resources, and use your mobile phone as a personal growth tool as well. Your smartphone is also able to remotely monitor and communicate with other smart appliances in your home to further incorporate its presence into your life. For a truly smart and futuristic house, this breakthrough paves the way.

Even mobiles under 10000 are allowed with AI features these days, with the advent of technology.

Take a look at a few ways in which AI-enabled smartphones can change the home of the future, to better understand how this is possible.

Gaining remote access to the temperature of your home

A few years ago, smart thermostats were introduced, enabling you to manage your home’s temperature efficiently with a single control panel. In order to save electricity, some models also give you personal access to air conditioning units in your house. In the future, you can remotely set the perfect temperature with smartphones and AI algorithms and make the HVAC systems run from your end without any interference. What’s more, when you’re away or on your way home through the GPS on your mobile, such devices, such as NEST, can even automatically detect either turn off or automatically power on air conditioning systems.

Automatically link to preferred networks to save mobile data

Cellular data can be costly, and when not linked to a Wi-Fi network, it is not unusual for people to use it sparingly. You can forget to move to your home network and continue to drain your cellular data in the hustle of everyday life, however. When you are in an area that is identified as a place with a chosen Wi-Fi network, thanks to AI algorithms on your mobile, your phone can turn to it automatically, preventing you from depleting your cellular data when you don’t need to.

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