How to Create a Family-Friendly Condo Unit

Everywhere in the urban sprawl, condo living is on the increase. Compared to a house in the suburbs, people searching for a place to settle down are seeing the advantages of condo living. These days, more families are now preferring to live in condominiums, and for a good cause, it’s not about young working professionals choosing the condo lifestyle.

What are some of a family-friendly condo’s top features, and how do you customize your unit to suit the needs of your growing family?

How to transform a family-friendly condominium into your unit

Creating an ideal family home requires balancing design and functionality elements or practical features that will meet the needs of the residents. If you have children in the home, marrying these two elements is particularly necessary.

The need to build a healthy living room is among the main concerns of parents of rambunctious toddlers or older children who might be just as rowdy. What are some ways for everyone in the family to build a family-friendly space?

Make ornaments and decorative objects, small or delicate, inaccessible to curious tykes

Kids, especially toddlers, are naturally curious. They would try to place something tiny in their mouths or snatch fragile decorative bits purposely. Keep them out of their grasp by placing these things in a secure, sealed display case or on high shelves.

When leaving things around the home, be careful

Sharp items that could cause injury such as dad’s power tools, swiss knives, letter openers, drugs, lighters or matches, and other things that could cause accidents, such as the makeup of mommy that could stain the sofa, should not be left lying around areas that children frequently.

Using electric socket covers and protectors for table corners

Generally, socket covers and table corner protectors are readily available in shops. These products are inexpensive and might mean the difference between spending a quiet night at home or going to the emergency room on a vacation.

Be alert when they come close to your window blinds.

There are kinds of blinds for windows that have sharp edges. Choose ones with cleaner finishes, such as laminated wood ones. The use of curtains is a perfect alternative to metal blinds as well. Keep an eye on smaller children who get close to the cords used to open or close the blinds, because when playing near the area, they can get strangled.

The top advantages of condo living

One of the obvious advantages of condo living is that you don’t need to buy a lot and build a home, which would take painstaking preparation from multiple contractors and huge amounts of effort.

You would need to employ architects, engineers, carpenters, and, if the budget allows, a team of interior designers when you want to create your own house. If you have a condo, this is protected by the property developer, unless there are any design changes that you want to make your room special.

Condominiums, like in the center of business districts, are often typically found in prime locations. This typically means convenient access to the workplaces of working parents, helping the family to save on costs for transportation and gas.

Moreover, there are possibly also nearby shopping districts, malls, department stores, supermarkets, and other shops that hold home necessities in their inventories. In no time at all, this will allow you to easily buy whatever home supplies need to be replenished.

You would not have to think about parking and 24-hour surveillance while staying in a condo. CCTV cameras will keep an eye on intruders or suspicious activity.

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a condo is undoubtedly that its value appreciates over time. In just six years, the resale value of a condominium will double, so if you plan to leave your unit for an upgrade or move to the suburbs within that time, you will get to add the earnings from the sale to your savings or buy your next dream home.